Vitris offers a comprehensive, modular system of high quality all-glass sliding door fittings for showcases, furniture and serving hatches, including the appropriate locks:
Product comparison
Bottom running glass sliding doors with high quality roller assemblies
Supra is a universal and well-designed, bottom-running glass sliding door fitting that is suitable for use with glass thicknesses of 4, 5, 6 and 8 mm and sash weights of up to 50 kg. Supra can also be used for single and multiple track solutions or for solutions with all-round frames. For Supra, an electronic e-Secura lock as well as two Secura security cylinder locks are available.
Robustus is the showcase and furniture fittings solution for thick glass and therefore also suitable for high sashes. Robustus can be used for all glass thicknesses of 8, 10, 12 and 12.76 mm. Robustus roller assembly technology enables loads of up to 140 kg.
Hanging sliding fittings with high quality roller 
Simple sliding fittings

This single track (Penda) and twin track (Bipenda) hanging sliding door system is suitable for glass thicknesses up to 8 mm and sash weights up to 50 kg. It is ideal for all applications requiring a base without fittings or that cannot be machined (e.g. serving hatches, public counters, parquet flooring).
This sliding fittings system for glass thicknesses up to 4 mm (Dura) or 6 mm (Durus) is suitable for lightweight sashes. The sashes slide on colour-coordinated plastic inserts.