Technical information
Portavant 60
Door weight Up to 60 kg
Height-width ratio The maximum height-width ratio of the sashes is 2.5:1.
Glass thickness for sliding shash
Tempered glass
Laminated safety glass
(made of tempered glass)

8 / 10 mm
8.76 / 10.76 mm
Glass thickness for sidelights
Tempered glass
Laminated safety glass

10 / 12 mm
10.76 / 12.76 mm
Available profile lengths 1996 mm, 2496 mm, 3996 mm, 4996 mm as well as fixed lengths (cut to measure)
Execution Always cushioned on both sides; wall mounting, ceiling mounting, ceiling mounting with sidelight; one or two sashes; for right and left hand use; colours: natural aluminium (EV1) or stainless steel effect (C31, main visible surfaces brushed)