The mechanism for reliability

Inside Portavant 60 an intelligent design principle (patents pending) means outstanding quality and a long service life.

The design principle offers decisive advantages in comparison to alternative systems:

1. Faultless assembly
The cushioning system engaging with the endstop ensures that the activator arm is always in the right position and thus reliably activates the cushioning mechanism on a permanent basis. This prevents damage to the cushioning system which would result from the wrong adjustment of the endstop or activator.

2. Excess load protection
If the door is closed too hard, the door still has some momentum at the end of the cushioning process. In this case with Portavant 60, the endstop finally stops the door and the gap at the cushioning system prevents components of the cushioning system from being broken.

3. Additional adjustment possibilities for walls which are out of plumb
The activator catch can be set forward or back in relation to the wall using shims that compensate for tilting – the distance to the driver fork of the cushioning system thus remains at optimum.


With EXACT TRIGGER the cushioning mechanism will always work correctly.