Glass sliding door fittings for interior doors
Glass sliding door fittings for interior doors Portavant, the innovative system for high quality sliding doors made of glass, sets new standards in comfort and safety.
Glass sliding door fittings for showers
Aquant 40, the innovative sliding door solution for glass showers, impresses not just with its cushioning and retraction system.
Glass sliding door fittings for balcony and terrace glazing
Thanks to Atrivant 80, the innovative glass sliding door fitting system with cushioned sash movement and optional end-position cushioning for balcony and terrace glazing made of tempered glass, the terrace season starts earlier and lasts longer.
Glass sliding door fittings for showcases and furniture
Vitris offers a comprehensive, modular system of high-quality glass sliding door fittings for showcases, furniture and serving hatches, including security cylinder locks.
Bracket systems and glazing profiles
The Vitris slot bar shelving bracket system, made of stable aluminium extruded profiles, provides for attractive and flexible product presentation. Glazing profiles and mirror fixing profiles complete the Vitris range.


Atrivant 80
New: Atrivant 80 – the innovative sliding door fitting for balcony and patio glazing, with end cushioning and gentle sash movement

New: Atrivant 80 – the innovative sliding door fitting for balcony and patio glazing, with end cushioning and gentle sash movement

Atrivant 80 is a bottom-running fitting for parallel-sliding balcony and patio doors made of tempered glass, that lets you enjoy the patio season earlier in the year and for longer. When the sashes are closed, Atrivant 80 keeps out as much of the wind, rain and leaves as possible. An ingenious drainage profi e ensures that water runs off well even in heavy downpours, and the interior remains largely dry. Atrivant 80 is also resistant to high wind loads up to class 4 according to EN 12211/12210.

The enormous opening width provides an authentic outdoor seating experience in fi ne weather. Up to five sliding sashes can be stacked parallel to each other, and with no fixed elements, the sashes can be moved to any position.

Atrivant 80 allows sliding sashes to be opened all at once with a flick of the wrist. As the sashes are opened and closed, the catch on each sash causes the next sash to start sliding in turn. Integrated cushioning keeps the sash movement gentle and quiet at all times. Alternatively, to open the sashes independently simply uncouple them with your foot without having to bend down. This allows openings to be created in any part of the installation and makes it easy to clean areas where the sashes overlap. As soon as the sashes are pushed back into place, the catches engage again automatically.

An innovative cushioning system slows the door sashes gently and quietly over a distance of several centimetres before they reach the end positions. This prevents the doors from banging, eliminating the associated noise and vibration. Once the innovative cushioning system has slowed down the doors, a retraction system installed on the closing and on the opening sides of the sashes pulls them into their end positions without rebounding. When open, the same mechanism ensures that all sashes are stacked neatly side by side in their end positions. And when the
sashes are pushed into the closing position, the retraction feature ensures the system is closed tight.

Atrivant 80 can be used to create full-height or balustrade-mounted linear, L or U-shaped sliding door systems. Also supporting interior applications such as partition walls or walk-in closets, Atrivant 80 is suitable for barrierfree

Cleverly designed roller profile adapters that accommodate both the sash catch mechanism and the roller assemblies mean that the manufacturer does not need to make project-specific adjustments, thus allowing standardised components to be kept in stock, minimising lead times.

New: chrome-plated corner

New: chrome-plated corner

We are pleased to introduce a new chrome-plated version of the corner bracket for corner and U-shaped showers. The new item is colour-matched to the existing profiles and substitutes the previous bracket.

Aquant 40 now also available as a sliding splash panel

Aquant 40 now also available as a sliding splash panel

Aquant 40 can now also be used as a sliding splash panel on bathtubs or for showers (maximum glass height: 2200 mm). A neat wall bracket eliminates the need for unsightly profile suspension fittings and stabilising rods, while guaranteeing compliance with EN 14428 (pendulum impact test). The maximum permissible track profile length is 1500 mm.


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